Correspondence: Guidelines and Rules


What type of materials are preferred to be posted in the website

The website looks for reports covering topics that are connected with the issues and phenomena that have public, social aspect and relevance.  It is not advised to post news about the children without the prior agreement of their parents or guardians.  It is not advised to post news which contains half naked children without their parents.  It is not advised to post news that is of low public interest.

How to post the text

It is not advised to post text by copying from the word documents instead the online journalists are encouraged to post text with the Note Pad programme. Copy the text from the Note Pad and then post into the website. 

In what language shall we write?

 Please when writing on the Armenian page post only materials in Armenian language and if you have articles in foreign language translate them before posting. Feel free to post the articles in foreign languages on English language page.

Photo and Video materials

Before uploading the video and photo materials think of weather your family members will be happy to see them or not.

Be sure that the materials you upload are of the high video quality are original and of interesting content.

Be sure that there is proper illumination for the photo and video materials and shall have meaningful content.

The low quality photo and video materials are only of some value if they are done in extreme situations or are very meaningful.

Upload only the photos and videos you have done.

Do not upload the materials of other people; they will be removed by the website after the operators of the website will find out about it. 

After transgressing three times the rules of our usage you will be removed from the website. 

Be decent! Not everybody wants to see you or the others being naked, so no photo which includes nude people.

Be aware of the photos containing hate speech and propaganda also of the spam photos.

Before uploading any news to the My News ask yourself a question whether you would your family member to see it, if not then do not upload it to My News.

Report!  If you see a material which is insulting and improper and contains a material contradicting to the rules of our website, you may notify the My News by pressing the “FLAG” button which you can encounter below any material.

Respect the private life of the people. Do not take photos or videos of the phone numbers, addresses and other things that can ascertain identification of the persons. If someone doesn’t want to appear in the photo or the video then do not post it.

Be careful! Do not write or take photo when driving which might occur into car accident and hurt only not yourself but the others.

Collaborate and have fun! The public journalists of the My News and you are creating a unique news community and you are certainly a part of it. So do take pictures, make recordings, write and cooperate. 

How to write notes in the internet, how to be a good journalist, how to take better photos and record. All this will be covered in our educational materials to which you may access from here (link).



What type of materials are preferred to be posted in the website